The most important effect of the systematic intake of Boldenone can be considered a rather intense (albeit slow) increase in muscle mass. In this case, the effect will depend on which form of the drug is taken. Muscles grow much faster with propionate or acetate.

The second effect is an increase in strength indicators, which is accompanied by an increase in body weight. In addition, appetite is noticeably improved.

When Boldenone is taken, the number of red blood cells in the blood increases: the drug stimulates the production of red blood cells, due to which more oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the muscles. As a result, training efficiency increases and fatigue becomes less pronounced.

Thanks to the use of Boldenone, such a parameter as endurance increases. Therefore, the drug is so popular in those sports where endurance is extremely important, for example, in athletics and skiing.

You can take Boldenone only after undergoing a complete medical examination. The dosage is chosen depending on which drugs the athlete took before and how his body reacted to them. Also important are the individual characteristics of the organism and the purpose for which Boldenone will be taken. You can Buy Boldenone in Britain at any pharmacy.

Typically, the course of admission lasts from eight to ten weeks. In this case, men take up to 800 mg of the drug per week, and a woman - up to 100 mg. It is important to start taking small doses to see how it affects the body. In addition, it will help to track all possible side reactions in time.